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  • Charity concert "Berlin child help", Gethsemane church Berlin

  • World prayer day of the women, Borgsdorf / Brandenburg

  • Congress "Dachverband Deutscher Gesangschöre", in Clarion Hotel of Berlin

  • Night of the open churches, Berlin cathedral (Dom)

  • Appearance for the opening of the world championship in 2006, commemorative church Berlin

  • Open air gospel, park Podium Berlin-Biesdorf

  • Free summer concert, Britzer garden Berlin

  • Charity concert Berliner Suppenküche Berlin-Lichtenberg

  • Gospel song concert "Best of Berlin gospel"

  • The German unity day, appearance by the quadriga price award for courage and vision let by the "German workshop in the Komische Oper Berlin with Television radiation.

  • Appearance by the world hunger day in the French Cathedral, Berlin

  • Advent concert in Liederbacher in Frankfurt am Main, Liederbacher Jazz Club

  • Advent concert, Gothic hall Zitadelle in Berlin Spandau

  • Further appearances to services in the Berlin churches Marien Church, Saint Agnes church, Golgotha Church, Magdalen Church, ev.- Luth Church municipality of Uetze near Hannover as well as for the Akebulan worldwide mission, Berlin.